Oh Captain my Captain.

Bringing “Hive five!” back.

It’s funny because nothing about Ikea is easy.

Well this is just perfect.

This is why W+K Portland is and always will be the dream.

Pairing my two favorite grouches, Matheson (Pineapple Express) and Nick (New Girl), as frienemies in this new spot is so good.

Another win for curmudgeons everywhere.

I love this. I love mornings.

Dumb and fun.

Pure gold.

Happy Earth Day from Tim Cook and Apple. While I love apple products I’m not going to applaud them for this Earth Day “Better” ad. 

While it shows all of the ways the Cupertino, CA based tech giant is working to be better, why not speak to these green actions on days other than just the nationally recognized environmental day?

No - I’m not hating on Apple. I don’t dislike the ad. I just believe if they want to talk about being better (or greener), it may be have a more powerful impact talking about it on a day other than Earth day. 

WPA Style posters. So good.

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