This is why W+K Portland is and always will be the dream.

Pairing my two favorite grouches, Matheson (Pineapple Express) and Nick (New Girl), as frienemies in this new spot is so good.

Another win for curmudgeons everywhere.

I love this. I love mornings.

Dumb and fun.

Pure gold.

Happy Earth Day from Tim Cook and Apple. While I love apple products I’m not going to applaud them for this Earth Day “Better” ad. 

While it shows all of the ways the Cupertino, CA based tech giant is working to be better, why not speak to these green actions on days other than just the nationally recognized environmental day?

No - I’m not hating on Apple. I don’t dislike the ad. I just believe if they want to talk about being better (or greener), it may be have a more powerful impact talking about it on a day other than Earth day. 

WPA Style posters. So good.

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Many (especially those in the art world) may hate this man. After all, he spent his life forging art from some of history’s most renowned artists. However, when I watched this piece I couldn’t feel anything but respect for him.

Art is a difficult industry to make a name for yourself, so why try? If you know you can paint just as well as anyone, why not go for the sure thing and sell pieces people know and want?

This is the story of the “Best Art Forger in the World” - Wolfgang Beltracchi.

Things that made me Grouchy (1.26.14 - 2.8.14)


  1. Being unemployed…. still.
  2. Being interviewed and told, “We’ll be in touch early next week” only to be left hanging.
  3. Instagram - Don’t get me wrong. I love Instagram, but the people on it continue to be more narcissistic and creepy.
  4. All the reporting on the Sochi Problems - Okay, I get it. Russia kinda dropped the ball on the Olympic village, but it’s Russia. Did you really expect anything else?
  5. Living with someone who is sick - I have two fears. Spiders and getting sick.
  6. People stuck in old ways of thinking. - Ex: Cokes #AmericaisBeautiful spot. 
  7. Sports - Peyton Manning would have been called the Greatest of all TIme if he’d have won the Superbowl; however because he lost people now are calling him old and saying he should retire. Dumb.
  8. Los Angeles Lakers - They’re still losing.
  9. TMJ - That shit hurts.
  10. Winter.
  11. Being unemployed - Seriously… it sucks.
  12. That I’m not a part of making work like this.
  13. Or this.

I posted the TV spot for Apple’s “What will your verse be?” a few posts back and I mentioned that I felt it really plays off the old 2011 Levi’s Strauss “Go Forth” campaign from W+K Portland.

It wasn’t necessarily a negative comment, though I it was just a little disappointing a smart company such as Apple would pull so much from a another consumer favorite in Levi’s. I understand it’s 3 years between the campaign and they are in different industries, I just thought they could differentiate themselves a bit more.

They have kind done that with the launch for the “What will your verse be?” site. It takes the idea a bit farther than Levi’s did actually showing how the iPad has allowed people to write their verse. I would have loved to see something like this from Go Forth.

Check out Apple’s “What will your verse be?” website in the link above and if you have any thoughts or opinions let’s hear them.

(Keep it as a discussion rather than hate.)     

Need I say more?

Need I say more?